These are the features of Caption Tools.


Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Transcription – Submit your video or audio file for ASR transcription.  Results vary based on audio quality.  There should be no background music or noise, and it should be a professional quality recording for best results.  To use this transcript for captioning, it will need to be proof-read and edited for proper punctuation and to correct any mistakes in the ASR transcription.  We provide an easy-to-use text editor for this purpose.

ASR Transcription Editor – When you submit a media file for automatic speech recognition transcription, you can easily edit the transcript in our online text editor.  The media file will play alongside the text, making editing a snap.  Once the file is complete, you can export it as a plain text transcript and/or as a standard SRT captioning file.


Transcript Alignment –  Submit a plain text transcript and a media file.  When you upload these two files, our system will match up the transcript to the audio track using speech recognition alignment.  The result is a time-coded caption file for your media.  The caption file can be checked and edited (if necessary) in our Caption File Editor.  

Caption File Editor – This robust caption file editor is unique to this platform, and it is what really differentiates CaptionTools.  This editor can be used to simply change the number of characters per line, change the caption file type, or it can be used to make changes to the text to correct misspellings, add missing words from the transcript, edit time codes and more.  Here is a list of the many features of the Caption File Editor:

  • Media Player – open and play media file during edit process
  • Media Synchronization – click on caption time codes to queue media to that location
  • Foot Pedal Support – works with foot pedal
  • Line Length – change number of characters per line
  • Display Time – change minimum display time for each caption line
  • Time Code Adjustment – adjust start, end and display for each caption (and automatically adjust time code before/after to prevent overlaps)
  • Quick Fix button – set line length, display time and first time code (for realtime captioners) in one keystroke
  • Force Uppercase – make entire file all caps, if desired
  • Edit Text – easily add or edit text
  • Spellcheck – integrated spellcheck shows suspect words in red
  • Delete line(s) – Used mostly by realtime captioners to delete “test” lines, it can also be used if a video is edited after alignment, to delete a line or a section that is removed from video.
  • Find/Replace – allows replace and “replace all”
  • Merge/Split Lines – join two short lines or split a long line (time codes with words stay with words!)
  • Shortcut Keys 
  • Rename File
  • Download Transcript
  • Download Caption File types:  SRT, VTT, Timed Text 1.0 XML 

Streamtext Integration – if you are a realtime captioner with a streamtext.net account, your realtime files can be easily edited using our Caption File Editor.   The Caption File Editor is free to use on your Streamtext realtime files, and you do not need a CaptionTools account to edit your files directly from your streamtext.net dashboard.  The editor is built into Streamtext.  Click here for instructions on how to use it.

If you want more options such as access to the CaptionTools dashboard, transcript alignment, automatic speech recognition transcription editing, client logins for your clients, set up a CaptionTools account and enter your Streamtext organization information.  Your Streamtext realtime events will appear in your dashboard, along with any alignment or auto transcription jobs you create.  The CaptionTools account is free.  You only pay for the alignment or auto transcription minutes you use.


Parent-Child Accounts for Professional and Enterprise – separate logins for employees or clients, so you can assign files to those accounts.

White Label Opportunities – have your own CaptionTools website.

Special Pricing for Captioning Professionals – email info@captiontools.com for more information.